With over 40 years of combined industry experience in providing accounting, tax and consulting services to real estate property owners, developers, and residential and commercial brokers, we understand the challenges facing their industry. We understand that timing is crucial in real estate and that the industry is very relationship driven depending heavily on personal relationships and referrals. In addition to the traditional accounting and tax services we provide we are proactive advisors, assisting our clients with cash flow planning, strategic tax projections for buying and selling properties as well as overall business advisory services to help our clients to achieve their goals.

We have been seeing these current trends, opportunities and challenges in the real estate sector:

  • Cyclical demand for real estate services
  • Local conditions vary and the local real estate market is dependent upon the local economy
  • Residential buyers benefit from low interest rates but many struggle to qualify for a mortgage
  • Residential realtors face the challenge of sellers of residential properties not being realistic in pricing their homes properly
  • Both residential and commercial brokerages are many times dependent on the efforts and relationships of their top sales people
  • Recruiting and retaining top sales people is a constant challenge
  • Developers of commercial properties struggle with decreased demand for space
  • Owners of properties face challenges due to rising interest rates for both property purchases and to refinance commercial debt

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